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I, admittedly, assumed that Italians were all about family, nosey in-laws, marriage, babies and all the other stereotypical traditions that come to mind when you think of Italians. In my experience (Tuscany), it’s normal that couples date for long periods of time- I’m talking years in the double digits- before marriage.

Hell, it’s even normal for them to live together and have a baby before ever even thinking of a wedding!

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I have lived with boyfriends in past serious relationships, but A has never lived with a girlfriend, so for him, it’s a big deal to leave home.Most Florentine women don’t drink, and if they do, they have one.His friends always make comments, surprised about how much I [can] drink, simply because they’ve never seen a female drink more than one cocktail or glass of wine in one night. If I’d have known that, I would have picked a different country. Wait, that sounds semi-alcoholic of me…is it just American of me?I’ve lived with all my other serious relationships, right?Well, just like marriage proposals in Italy (which are not an event or proper proposal like in the US), neither is asking someone to move in together.